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Nintendo Japan has a New Employee Retention Rate of 98.8%: Here’s Why Nobody Wants to Quit the Company. Technostation

Nintendo is often seen as the ideal company by many individuals because of its timeless games, and some job seekers may have fond memories of playing these games during their childhood. As a result, the business boasts a nearly 100% retention rate for new hires in Japan—even higher than the national norm.

Compared to the national average, Nintendo has a higher new employee retention rate in Japan.

The studio has reportedly worked on some of the biggest IPs in the world and has even been credited with influencing pop culture history with worlds like Mario and Zelda, according to the Nintendo Life article. The article mentions that for some well-known, ambitious game developers, working for Nintendo can even be a dream.

The important question, though, is not simply how many people join the organisation but also how many remain there over their whole careers. According to research, Nintendo actually has a near-perfect score of 98.8% for staff retention in Japan, as reported by Biz Journal.

The fact that this retention percentage was even greater than Japan’s average, which stands at barely 70%, was emphasised. Tokyo Game Life points out on Twitter or X that there are several factors contributing to this, beginning with brand power.

Numerous factors contribute to the company’s exceptionally high employee retention rate.

The lower number of new hires is another element that contributes to the company’s high retention rate. This indicates that, unlike other organisations, the company doesn’t truly have a culture of aggressive hiring.

The last reason cited was Nintendo’s robust employee welfare programme, which makes it more desirable for workers to stay. Because they also don’t want to give up such perks, employees are more likely to stay with the inclusion of the assistance programme.

Only one employee leaves Nintendo for every 100 that it hires.

According to the source, other explanations for why many employees decide to stay with Nintendo were provided, with other explanations being highlighted. The translation also demonstrates how diverse the organisation was and that only one person leaves for every 100 that the company hires.

It should be noted, nevertheless, that not all employees leave a company because of shortcomings in what they are offered; others do so for purely personal reasons. Other explanations can include a change in the employee’s personal circumstances or a desire to pursue another endeavour.

Only its Japan Department has a high retention rate; other branches may not.

It was also said that the department’s strong retention rate solely refers to Japan and that other branches throughout the world may not have similar rates. The report still emphasised how they were aware that Nintendo does offer numerous vital metrics to retain personnel.

So far, when it comes to layoffs and firings, Nintendo hasn’t been as active as other businesses. The corporation actually announced a 10% pay rise for developers despite lower profitability.


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