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New Twitter accounts will have to wait 90 days before applying for Blue Tick Subscription.

Twitter has issued a policy change stating that new Twitter accounts must wait for 90 days to be allowed to sign up for the new Twitter Blue plan. This will likely prevent spammers and impersonations from verified accounts.

“Newly created Twitter accounts won’t be able to request for Twitter Blue for 90-days. However, the company stated that it could also place waiting periods on new accounts at its discretion.

Prior to this, Elon Musk’s company stated that new accounts created after November 9 would not be able to purchase the $8 subscription plan.

These terms were published in a rush to roll out Twitter Blue. This caused havoc and an avalanche of verified accounts that started impersonating celebrities, athletes, and brands. In addition, fake verified accounts were tweeting misinformation, and shares of companies such as Eli Lilly or Lockheed Martin fell.

The company has banned verified users from changing names to prevent impersonation. Musk stated earlier this week that paid accounts would lose the verified checkmark unless the social network confirms that the name has been changed following its rules. Musk still needs to make an official policy.

Twitter is now part of the new paid plan. Musk promised subscribers would get prominence in the notification tab, replies, and searches. In addition, the company temporarily moved the verified notification tab’s location to make it appear before all notifications. The verification rollout must stop spam and impersonation to prevent more advertisers from leaving the platform.


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