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New PS5 model drop – same issues as before?

Australia is the first country where the new slim model of Sony’s flagship gaming console, the Playstation 5, has been launched as a product that saves both precious weight and space.

While the launch version of the PS5 has been made slightly lighter in revised models over the past year, this model brings down the weight of the disc version from the last year’s 4.2kg all the way down to 3.9kg. Similarly, the digital edition has lost 200 grams, now at a decent 3.4kg weight.

In previous model changes in 2021, valuable space was lost inside of the PS5 which led to issues with overheating as the size of the internal heatsink had to shrink in compromise to lose weight. There were arguments claiming a loss in performance in these newer models due to ever so slightly higher internal temperatures, and similar concerns exist for this newest model.


When’s it coming to the rest of the world?

So far, there is not much information on when the newest model of the PS5 will become available globally. The initial launch model had some obvious problems with availability as stocks ran out incredibly fast, with Sony not quite able to keep up with these rates.

However, it can be hoped that production for this model is faster. Given its lighter weight, less material, and perhaps even smaller size, it could be expected that Sony can increase production speeds in time for the holiday seasons.

Supply chains are still facing issues due to recent effects brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, and hence it’s difficult to say if availability issues for the PS5 will resolve any time soon.



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