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New Pixel 7 Pro durability test reveals two major problems.

When purchasing the latest smartphone, people are keen to ensure that the smartphones they buy can withstand the stress and wear of everyday usage. But, unfortunately, this Google Pixel 7 Pro does not feel like a durable device.

A recently conducted durability test video uploaded by YouTuber JerryRigEverything found two primary issues. First, pixel 7 Pro owners might be aware throughout the phone’s life of the poor performance of the camera’s bar and how the frame can be bent.

In the process of scratching it across several areas using the boxcutter, The test of durability will push this Pixel 7 Pro much further than the typical phones during normal use. However, when it’s the moment to check the camera bar, it cannot endure the force. If scratched with everyday objects that phones might be in contacts with, such as coins or keys, the camera bar could take apparent damage after two minutes of contact.

After seeing this result, the Pixel 7 Pro might look quite battered and shabby in just a few months. Of course, the experience the different owners of each device will get will be different, but the camera bar will appear a bit less attractive without cases or other protection.

The frames can also be bent and therefore pose many questions in the customer’s mind.

Overall it’s a good phone. Pixel 7 Pro may have many advantages about its software; however, when it comes to its durability on the hardware, it leaves many things to be wanted. That’s not to suggest that this Pixel 7 Pro is flimsy in its ability to stand against a variety of other tests of scratch resistance on the screen, but it is more than potential buyers should think about keeping the phone safe inside a case.


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