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New iPad models won’t launch till after iPhone 14.

Recent rumors have erupted discussing the launch of the newer 2022 models of the iPad and iPad Pro won’t be released until after the new iPhone 14, which is planned to launch on 7 September.

The iPad Pro was arguably one of the best slate tablets in 2021, and hence there is much excitement for the launch of the newer 2022 model.

Although there have been a few years of similar iPad designs in a row now, there are many expectations that the 2022 iPad and iPad Pro will be a complete redesign, and hopes are that it is just unique enough to be able to beat new and upcoming competitors. That’s right- the android tablet market is quickly catching up as Samsung plans to release its Galaxy Tab S8 with specs impressive enough to catch all the attention.

While many still believe the iPad and iPad Pro launches will be announced during Apple’s iPhone 14 launch event in early September, others remain skeptical and believe the two tablets won’t be announced till a little later.

The public has many new expectations for these new, redesigned models. Some expect a longer battery life and better iPadOS features, while others hope for reduced retail prices and perhaps even the Apple Pencil included in the bundle, somewhat like Samsung’s M Pen.





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