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New Apple TV 4K changes the internals and the price.

Apple today unveiled the new Apple TV 4K. This is the third generation of the Apple TV 4K, which we consider the best streaming device available. Apple doesn’t play with things too much and always brings innovation. Its all about general design and general function. The internals of the 2022 model has been modified to make it compatible with more TVs and allow for more price flexibility.

Apple TV 4K now has two versions (or SKUs) for those who prefer inside-baseball terminology. A model with WiFi only and 64GB storage costs $130. A model with WiFi and Ethernet that has 128GB storage costs $150.  We would save upto about $20 on this product.

The processor has also been upgraded, as expected from this update. Apple TV 4K now uses the same A15 Bionic processor as the iPhone 14/13 lines, along with several other devices. Apple claims it is “up to 50% faster than the previous generation”, delivering “greater responsiveness, faster navigation, and snappier UI animations”; this is especially important if you play a lot on your Apple TV. This is likely not something you will notice. This does not mean that the product will last longer. It should be able to keep up with hardware and software requirements for many years.

The new Apple TV 4K continues to be a smart home hub with Thread networking support and support for the new matter standard. To do all of that, you’ll need an Ethernet model.

This new model of Apple TV 4K are now available for preorder. They will be available in over 30 countries starting November 4.

So grab your favorite New Apple TV 4K models and enjoy amazing streaming services.


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