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Netflix acquires Seattle-based cozy games developed by Spry Fox.

Netflix has announced on Monday its acquisition of the Seattle-based game development company Spry Fox, which will be the streaming giant’s sixth in-house video gaming studio. The financial terms weren’t disclosed yet.

The deal will allow Netflix to expand operations into video publishing and game development. Users of Netflix’s streaming services can play games on mobile that are ad-free using the Netflix application. In addition, games are free of ads and in-app purchases.

Spry Fox was founded in 2010 with the help of David Edery and Daniel Cook, Spry Fox specializes in creating fun, healthy games. According to its website, the company’s mission statement “We want to make the world a happier place, and we’re using games to do it.”

Spry Fox’s latest launch has been Cozy Grove, a tranquil “life simulator” released to PC by Seattle’s Quantum Astrophysicists Guild in April 2021.

In the game Cozy Grove, players slowly restore life and color to an island haunted by helping to find and help its ghosts. It is intended to last each day briefly, as players acquire new clothes and pets in mini games as they discover the ghosts’ distinct tales. An important update is New Neighbears which was released in April 2022.

Every stated during the press release that Spry Fox’s latest project, the Non-violent MMO Cozy Grove 2. is being developed and has stayed the same by acquisition. The other games of the company, including Alphabear Bushido Bear, Road Not Taken, and TripleTown, are expected to continue running on their current platforms and stores.

Other game development studios that are internal within Netflix comprise Boss Fight Entertainment in Allen, Texas; Next Games located in Helsinki as well as an unnamed studio located in southern California that was launched earlier this month as well as a second studio that is being built in Helsinki that it announced in September.


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