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NASA Selects Canoo to Develop Electric Crew Shuttle for Artemis Missions- Latest.

NASA has selected Canoo, an electric vehicle startup, to develop an electric crew shuttle for Artemis missions. Astronauts will be transported to and from the Gateway, a lunar space station that will be built in the upcoming years, using the shuttle.

The Canoo shuttle won’t require refuelling in Earth orbit because it is made to be a single-stage orbital vehicle. As a result, it will operate more cheaply and efficiently than standard staff shuttles.

The shuttle will include a number of life support systems and be able to transport up to four astronauts. It will be able to dock with other spacecraft as well as the Gateway.

Even though Canoo is a relatively new business, it has already established a solid reputation in the electric vehicle industry. The Canoo MPDV, the company’s first automobile, is a minivan that combines functionality with good looks.

The choice of Canoo by NASA is an endorsement of the technology and capacity of the firm to produce a dependable and secure crew shuttle. Early in the 2020s, the shuttle is anticipated to be ready for Artemis missions.

This collaboration marks an important turning point for both NASA and Canoo. It demonstrates that NASA is committed to employing electric vehicles on its next space missions. Canoo will greatly benefit from collaborating with NASA because they will receive exposure and priceless experience.

The creation of the Canoo shuttle represents a significant advancement for NASA’s Artemis programme. The shuttle will play a crucial role in the programme’s ambition to send people back to the Moon by 2024. In addition to providing a dependable and secure means of getting humans to and from the Moon, the shuttle will also help open the door for future expeditions to Mars.


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