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Musk’s Twitter says it will start paying creators this week.

Twitter is set to start sharing ad revenue with creators in the coming weeks as part of a new monetization programme for its Blue subscribers. Verified users will be the only ones who can participate in the programme at first, and in order to get money, they must reach a particular level of involvement.

The news comes as other social media networks, including TikTok and YouTube, which have previously established comparable revenue programmes for creators, increasingly compete with Twitter. With its new initiative, Twitter hopes to increase revenue from its Blue membership service and recruit and retain top talent.

As part of the programme, Twitter will split 5% of the money made from the advertising that other verified users see once a creator tweets them. To be eligible for payouts, creators must have at least 10,000 followers and 200 average engagements per tweet.

Payments will be made on a monthly basis and will depend on how many ads are delivered and how many people interact with them. Through a dedicated dashboard, creators will also be able to monitor their revenue.

An important development for the platform is the introduction of Twitter’s ad revenue sharing programme, which may have a huge effect on how producers make money. The programme’s future success is uncertain, but its existence demonstrates Twitter’s commitment to helping its creators.

Twitter is also rolling out a variety of other monetization opportunities for authors in addition to the ad income sharing programme. These include the capacity to take tips, charge for premium content, and sell tickets to live events.

The business is also looking into ways to let creators make money from their tweets through product sales and affiliate marketing. With the aid of these new tools, creators on Twitter will be able to have more control over their income and support themselves.

The introduction of these new monetization tools coincides with growing pressure on Twitter to enhance its financial performance. The business has been losing money for years, and other social media sites are fierce competitors.

The new monetization tools are thought to increase Twitter’s revenue and draw more users to the service. If they are a success, Twitter may start to make money and gain more value as an investment.

How effective Twitter’s new monetization tools will be has yet to be seen. However, it is evident that the business is making efforts to allay the worries of its authors and make it simpler for them to profit from their creations.

This might increase Twitter’s overall engagement and assist the company in luring and retaining great talent. If adopted, these new features might have a significant influence on Twitter’s future.


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