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More than a million US vehicles are being recalled by Tesla.

The acclaimed automotive company Tesla has made an announcement that they are going to recall more than a million American cars. Some models are posing a potential risk of physical harm due to a malfunctioning auto-detection software installed in the windows. This is a concerning number of cars that are displaying faulty signs from a car manufacturer who has worldwide fame. Alas, this is hardly their first time doing something like this. Tesla veterans would know the firm has a long history of recalling cars over a multitude of problems. Everything from defective seat belts to glitchy alerts that couldn’t raise a notification about wayfarers has been found in Tesla cars.

This complication came to light when some employees in a manufacturing hub noticed the wonky window rollback a couple of months ago. Typically, these windows are meant to detect any intervening item on the path such as a palm or physical article. They would halt and then wind down automatically. It was observed that this was not the case and instead of a smooth turnaround, the window wrongfully pushed back against the intervening entity for some time. It became a cause for worry because it did not understand the function immediately. This means that though the windows would be able to wind back, they are risking a great degree of bodily harm, especially if you have kids on board.

Tesla has stated they will be spending the next two months notifying those whose cars are part of their recall list. They are also planning an upgrade for zero cost that is meant to address and solve this predicament. Currently, there are no serious cases such as accidents or loss of life reported from this malfunctioning set-up. Cars that are set to be released in the near future are being given extra care to ensure they go through this upgrade.


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