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MLOps: Connecting Data Science, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering.

Machine learning, data science, and data engineering are three crucial pillars forming modern data-driven businesses’ foundations. But there has always been a gap between these domains, which has resulted in inefficiencies, redundancies, and silos. MLOps fills the gap and connects multiple activities more seamlessly than ever before, which is where it comes in.

MLOps is a collection of best practices, technology, and tools that enable businesses to deploy, manage, and enhance machine learning models at scale. It brings together various stakeholders, including operational teams, engineers, and data scientists, to work together on a common platform and add value to the company.

MLOps is anticipated to grow in acceptance and significance within the data science ecosystem in 2023. In the upcoming years, the following are some of the top trends and predictions for MLOps:

Data-Based MLOps

Maintaining accurate and current models over time is one of the fundamental issues in MLOps; by observing and detecting data drift, which happens when the distribution of data changes over time, data-based MLOps address this difficulty. Organizations can guarantee that their models continue to work effectively and deliver reliable insights by identifying and reducing data drift.

Increasing the value of ML solutions

MLOps focuses on maximizing the business value of models rather than just deploying them. ML solutions’ interpretability, explainability, and fairness will be improved in 2023, increasing their transparency and stakeholder trust.

Growing number of MLOps packages

As MLOps acquires more popularity, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in the number of MLOps libraries and packages. This will save businesses time and effort by allowing them to design and deploy MLOps pipelines more quickly and easily.

Converting AutoML to AutoMLOps

AutoML has revolutionized the data science industry by enabling businesses to automate machine learning workflow processes. The development of AutoMLOps, which will apply the advantages of AutoML to MLOps and allow enterprises to automate many portions of the MLOps workflow, is anticipated for 2023.

In summary, MLOps is a crucial enabler for data-driven enterprises, enabling them to deploy and manage machine learning models more successfully and efficiently. MLOps is anticipated to become even more crucial in bridging the gaps between machine learning, data science, and engineering.


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