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Microsoft to Replace Calibri with Aptos as Default Font in Office 365 in latest release.

Microsoft announced today that it will be replacing Calibri with Aptos as the default font in Office 365. The new sans-serif typeface Aptos was influenced by Swiss typography from the middle of the 20th century. Microsoft has been testing it with Office Insiders for the past few months; it was formerly known as Bierstadt.

Since the introduction of Office 2007, Calibri has been the standard Office font. It is a well-liked option for both private and business use, and certain official papers even make use of it. Microsoft, meanwhile, feels that Aptos is a more contemporary and adaptable font that will better meet users’ demands in the twenty-first century.

Aptos is made to be simple to read on both printed and screen-based texts. It is a fantastic choice for presentations and other papers that will be seen on a computer screen because it is more readable at tiny sizes than Calibri.

Aptos has a number of other qualities that make it an excellent option for Office 365, in addition to its better readability. For instance, rendering on computers is more effective, which might enhance performance. Additionally, it is more scalable, allowing for use at various sizes without sacrificing readability.

Starting today, Microsoft will start making Aptos the default font in Office 365. If users would rather keep using Calibri as is, they can choose not to accept the update. Microsoft anticipates that the majority of users will value the enhancements that Aptos provides.

How do you feel about Aptos? Are you enthusiastic to give it a try?


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