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Microsoft tests a new AI hub for the Windows 11 app store.

In the most recent Windows 11 Insider Preview Build, Microsoft is experimenting with an AI centre for its Microsoft Store. The hub will offer a carefully chosen selection of AI applications created by Microsoft and independent developers.

The “Explore” area of the Microsoft Store is where you may find the AI hub. The three sections are labelled “Create,” “Learn,” and “Play.” Applications for writing, painting, and video editing are among those found in the “Create” category of apps. Apps that can teach users about AI are available in the “Learn” category, including those that explain machine learning and natural language processing. The “Play” category includes programmes that can be used by users to have fun with AI, such as games and voice-activated device control.

Only Windows Insiders have access to the AI hub at this time because it is still in testing. Microsoft does, however, intend to make it available to the entire public in the upcoming months.

An indication that Microsoft is serious about AI is the establishment of an AI centre in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft is positioning itself to be a leader in this field as AI gains importance in the tech sector. The AI hub will facilitate user access to and utilisation of AI applications and aid in fostering the uptake of AI technology.

By installing their copy of Windows 11 on the most recent release, Windows Insiders can test out the AI hub. To achieve this, choose the Dev channel under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Programme. The AI hub may be found in the Microsoft Store’s “Explore” section after you’ve updated your installation.

What do you think of the new AI hub? Are you excited to try it out?


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