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Microsoft Revealed Chinese Hackers Used Flaw in Company’s Code to Steal Emails From US Agencies.

Microsoft revealed on Friday that Chinese hackers had stolen one of the company’s encryption keys and used a hole in the company’s software to grab emails from customers, including US government organisations.

The business said in a blog post that the key, which the hackers obtained under mysterious circumstances, allowed them to utilise “a validation error in Microsoft code” and carry out their cyberespionage campaign. The blog offered the most thorough justification up to that point for a cyberattack that shook both the cybersecurity sector and US-China relations. Beijing has refuted any involvement in the spying.

Microsoft and US officials said on Wednesday night that since May, email accounts at about 25 organisations have been secretly accessed by Chinese state-linked hackers. At least two federal departments were among them, according to US officials: the State and Commerce Departments.

According to a senior State Department official, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, in a meeting on Thursday in Jakarta that any action that targets the US government, US businesses, or American citizens “is of deep concern to us, and that we will take appropriate action to hold those responsible.”

Some analysts theorised that Microsoft itself had been hacked prior to the thefts because Microsoft’s blog post did not explain how the hackers obtained one of the company’s encryption keys.

The hack has drawn attention to Microsoft’s security procedures, and officials and lawmakers are urging the Redmond, Washington-based business to make its most advanced level of digital auditing, commonly known as logging, freely available to all of its clients.

Microsoft announced late on Thursday that it was considering the complaints.

The firm stated that it was “actively engaged” with US officials on the issue and that it was “evaluating feedback and is open to other models.”


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