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Microsoft renames AI Bing Chat to Copilot as it competes with ChatGPT. Technostation

The AI-powered chatbot that Microsoft introduced on Bing earlier this year, Bing Chat, was rebranded to Copilot in Bing today at Microsoft Ignite 2023. Concurrently, Bing Chat Enterprise, the high-end, corporate-focused version of the service, has also changed its name to Copilot.

Why does the name change? Despite the fact that about a dozen of its products now use the Copilot brand, Microsoft promises not to cause confusion.

Microsoft’s director of communications, Caitlin Roulston, emailed TechCrunch, “Renaming ‘Bing Chat Enterprise’ to ‘Copilot’ reflects our vision to create a unified Copilot experience for consumer and commercial customers.”

That is logical. It’s also possible that Bing Chat didn’t have much of an impact on Bing, in which case Microsoft is attempting to separate the technology from the search engine that introduced it. Six months after Bing Chat’s inception, according to a StatCounter study from August, Bing was unable to overtake Google in market share. Microsoft has refuted the report’s conclusions.

The name isn’t the only thing that’s new. When utilizing Copilot in Bing, customers that log in with a business account—a Microsoft Entra ID, specifically—will begin to enjoy the advantage of “commercial data protection” on December 1. According to Roulston, this implies that Microsoft won’t have access to their data and that it won’t be saved or used to build AI models.

She said, “On December 1st, Copilot will update the commercial terms and conditions to reflect that it’s a generally available product from Microsoft.” It will also take on Microsoft’s universal licensing conditions for online services as part of this. Microsoft plans to gradually increase the number of Entra ID users that are eligible for Copilot with commercial data protection at no additional cost.

In addition to Copilot, Bing, and Copilot are now available on Windows. It is free of charge with a variety of Microsoft enterprise subscription plans, including Microsoft 365 E, E5, Business Premium, and Business Standard. Beginning on December 1, Microsoft 365 F3 will come with Copilot. It will be accessible à la carte for $5 per month to all other clients.


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