Microsoft Outlook controversially changes to more performance-friendly design.

Microsoft Outlook has recently changed into a more performance-focused and minimalistic design for easier usability and enhanced productivity.

While this new edition of Outlook, now known as “One Outlook”, has been available to commercial users for a while, it has only now been introduced to personal account holders. The application also houses other Microsoft tools such as the user’s personal contacts and calendar.

So what’s the catch?

As is already known, Microsoft Outlook has always been placing advertisements in users’ inboxes in the Android and iOS versions of the application. These ads are designed to fit in with other emails in the user’s inbox to encourage being opened, but could easily be avoided by opening a single inbox instead of the more conventional tabbed design where emails are categorized into different sections such as importance, social, etc.

However, according to The Verge, Microsoft has significantly increased the number of ads within the One Outlook application, and these now show up in the singular inbox as well. Naturally, this has enraged many users who have begun changing their email managing applications and taken to social media to voice their concerns.







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