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Microsoft Launcher on Android gets Bing Chat integration: Technostation News.

Bing Chat is now accessible through the app’s search bar in the beta version of Microsoft Launcher, which is a new method of access being tested by the company for Android users.

Many people have downloaded the Microsoft Launcher beta to test out the Bing Chat integration since the capability was first identified by a user going by the handle Xeno on X (previously Twitter).

With three conversational styles to pick from—creative, balanced, and precise—the user experience is the same as how the chatbot appears on the Android versions of Edge, Swiftkey, and Bing.

The beta version of Microsoft Launcher also adds a new “Bing Search” widget in addition to Bing Chat integration. The new widget has a clean, simple style and is transparent in comparison to the Bing app widget.

Although Microsoft Launcher is the default launcher on Microsoft Surface Duo devices out of the box, the launcher is individually updated via monthly system updates; hence, it is still unknown whether or when the launcher’s Bing Chat integration will be accessible on those devices.

The Bing Chat window on Microsoft Launcher will be restricted to making inquiries and conducting online searches, in contrast to the AI Windows Copilot for Windows 11, which is capable of changing system settings on computers.

Bing Chat has been incorporated into a number of Microsoft products over the past few months, including Edge, Swiftkey, and Microsoft 365, to name a few. Bing Chat is now accessible on third-party browsers, including Google Chrome and Apple Safari, according to the business.

According to the screenshot, it appears that Microsoft has integrated Bing Chat right into the launcher’s search bar, which can be reached by just pulling down from anywhere in the launcher. Users can now ask anything they want quickly and easily without having to open the Bing app or go to Edge on their phone.


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