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Microsoft Copilot Expands with Suno Integration: AI-Powered Songwriting Arrives.

Microsoft and Suno have announced a collaboration to enable Microsoft’s AI-powered music composition features on Copilot. Users of Microsoft Copilot will be able to make customized tunes using the Suno plugin by using prompts. The music composition function is the latest in a long line of AI-powered improvements to Microsoft Copilot. The Copilot AI companion, which was unveiled in September, unifies all of the company’s AI offerings under one roof, including the Bing Chat AI chatbot.

Microsoft stated in a blog post on Tuesday that the Suno plugin will enable the creation of whole songs—including singers, instrumentals, and lyrics—from just one sentence. To begin writing songs using the AI helper, Copilot customers do not require any prior musical experience. Microsoft claims that Suno will create a whole song by matching the tune to the triggers in the prompt.

Users can click the “Make music with Suno” badge or toggle the Suno plugin by visiting while logged into their Microsoft accounts. This will enable Suno on Microsoft Copilot. After that, users can use prompts to choose the genre and concept of the song they want to write.

The blog reports that the Suno plugin for Microsoft Copilot is now being made accessible to a select number of customers and will be made generally available in the upcoming weeks.

In celebration of the AI chatbot’s first year, Microsoft unveiled new capabilities for Copilot earlier this month. Soon, Copilot will have access to OpenAI’s newest model, the GPT-4 Turbo, which will allow it to handle longer and more complicated jobs. Copilot will also be receiving the updated DALL-E 3 model for picture production, which will enable it to produce richer graphics that more accurately depict user inputs.

A Windows 11 upgrade from back in September included Copilot inside Microsoft’s operating system. Apart from incorporating the chatbot into Windows 11, Microsoft also made updates to the MS Paint application, enabling layering and creating visuals. Redaction and text extraction are two further AI-based functions that were added to the screenshotting tool, Snipping Tool.


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