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Microsoft 365 Copilot: Are You Ready for Your Personalized AI? Technostation

Microsoft unveiled the upcoming release of Microsoft 365 Copilot last week, and it seems poised to be a significant game-changing development.

At the corporate level, it will help you find anything you need, whether it’s within the organization or beyond its boundaries. In the race to catch up to or overtake Microsoft 365 Copilot, Apple, Google, and other businesses, let’s take a look at how it will likely grow.

Your Own AI for $30

People are apparently upset about this announcement because getting this functionality will cost you or your business $30 per user every month.

Customers are angry because Microsoft failed to prepare the market for pricing changes. In other words, the perception of what an AI is worth is that the price is too high, unless you have been pricing the more limited varieties, which tend to be more expensive.

What should your own personal AI be worth?

According to the research, productivity increases from using generative AI, and having it learn how to collaborate with you ranges from 30% to 80%, which means you either work a lot less or accomplish a lot more in a given period of time.

Microsoft 365 Copilot’s Future

Imagine having a digital assistant that can arrange your vacation, keep an eye on your accounts, provide you with information about the callers, texters, and letter writers you receive, protect you from phishing scams, and answer your phone calls. It can help you write content so you can still be humorous without jeopardising your job by telling the wrong joke, or it can provide you with better notifications on news or happenings from around the world that you are interested in.

Microsoft Copilot will be able to attend meetings on your behalf, distribute information that is authorised in your place, and assist you with increasingly tedious and repetitive duties as they develop. It will be able to help you deal with people who have difficult-to-understand accents or speak in other languages and advise you on the right response to a challenge or nasty comment.

In order to provide ever-more competent AI functions, all microprocessor suppliers are including specialised AI capabilities in the next generation of their processors. Microsoft is making efforts to make 365 Copilot use this technology. The performance of AI should significantly improve by the end of the year, rendering obsolete the 30% to 80% benefit as the gains continue to rise.


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