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Meta Quest 3 Gets Sharper Reality, Easier Controls, and Multitasking Magic.

One of the most well-liked augmented reality headsets among enthusiasts, Meta Quest 3, is receiving an update that addresses a very bothersome problem when wearing the headset in passthrough mode and adds two new features that enhance the entire experience.

The company stated in a blog post that it is “reducing the amount of visual distortion in Passthrough on Meta Quest 3” in order to improve the mixed reality object’s realistic appearance. According to Meta, “the warping effect around these objects while in motion” will also be lessened with the update. Your hands will appear more natural in virtual mode, which will provide more intuitive item and panel interaction when using mixed reality.

An experimental alteration is another significant modification. Called “Wrist Buttons,” the new feature makes it easier to access menus than it was previously. After activation, users will see virtual Meta and Menu buttons on their wrists. According to the business, these buttons can be used to navigate the system, use apps, and open or close menus while in-game.

According to Meta, v66 has altered the way background audio functions in 2D applications, such as browsers. As per the business, the most recent version enables users to minimize the app without interrupting playback when playing a video or music. This implies that users can now utilize other apps or play games while multitasking and listening to podcasts and music.

With the release of Horizon OS, which provides capabilities like “gesture recognition, passthrough, scene understanding, and spatial anchors to the devices that run on it,” Meta last month openly sourced their operating system for Quest VR headsets, enabling outside developers to create headsets based on it.


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