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Mercedes-Benz Maintains Control Over Its Screens, Resisting Full Integration of Apple CarPlay.

Mercedes-Benz’s CEO stated in an episode of Decoder that the German automaker has no intentions to implement Apple’s immersive, next-generation CarPlay system.

In response to a question on whether Mercedes-Benz will allow Apple CarPlay to take over all of the screens inside its cars, Ola Källenius told Nilay Patel of The Verge, “The short answer is no.” Rather, he emphasises the necessity of a “holistic software architecture” in order to satisfy consumers who are demanding more and more technological sophistication from their cars.

In 2022, Apple unveiled CarPlay’s next generation, which will allow users to reflect their phones on panels other than the centre touchscreen, such as the gauge cluster. It was a daring move, as Apple indicated that it wanted to operate the speedometer, odometer, and other vital automotive systems. Since then, however, no manufacturing model has incorporated the updated CarPlay. It was announced last year that Aston Martin and Porsche would be among the first businesses to use the new immersive display.

However, Mercedes doesn’t seem to be in a rush to follow its competitors in the luxury vehicle market by allowing Apple to control the in-car experience for its patrons. Rather, Källenius stated that the business is closely collaborating with Google, Apple’s primary rival, to develop a new navigation tool that would expand upon Google Maps. The primary distinction is the significant involvement of Mercedes’ in-house engineering team in the process.

Despite those in the auto sector shifting away from them, Källenius said he still sees value in providing phone-mirroring services to his clients and has no intentions to stop using them. With the controversial decision to forbid Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its next range of electric cars last year, General Motors said that the business could offer a more complete software experience than what is available on a user’s phone.

“We’re not fundamentalists to say that we won’t let a customer use Apple CarPlay if that’s their preference,” Källenius remarked. Thus, Apple CarPlay is available. Android Auto is available. Please feel free to swap between those functions if that’s how you feel most at ease with some of them. You, too, can obtain that.

He restated his stance that Apple’s next-generation CarPlay was too advanced for Mercedes at the conclusion of his response.


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