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Measure a person’s height using an iPhone camera.

Apple iPhones have many undiscovered useful features for users’ daily tasks. This may entail locating stolen passwords, a covert microphone, a breakup mode, etc. Additionally, iPhone owners can now utilize the camera on their devices to scan items, photos and measure any person or object.

iPhone Measurement App
Users of the Apple iPhone can measure an object or surface’s breadth or height using the phone’s camera by utilizing the Measure app. Users may find the software in their smartphone apps section because it is preinstalled. If not, users can use the search bar to look for the Measure app.

Only the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 14, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max models, according to Apple, can measure a person’s height.

The previous iPhones used a LiDAR scanner and the rear camera to measure heights. This LiDAR scanner can make a depth map of the space in front of it to obtain accurate readings. Here’s how iPhone users can estimate someone’s height using the Measure app:
1. Start your iPhone’s Measure app.

2. Position the iPhone so that the entire subject of your measurement is visible on display.

3. Next, a line at the top of the person’s head is followed by the height measurement (hair or hat). Tap the Take Picture button to take a photo of the measurement afterward.

4. To save the screenshot, tap on the button in the lower-left corner.

5. After hitting the Done button, choose Save to Files or Save to Photos.

6- Photos or Files on an iPhone make it simple to retrieve and share the height measurement snapshot whenever you want.


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