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McKinsey report: Top two AI trends for 2022.

Technology is a crucial catalyst responsible for transforming our planet. Advancements in technology provide more possibilities to social sectors, governments, and businesses. They also offer avenues to these companies to contribute to the well-being of humanity, reinvent and invent their offerings, and improve their productivity.

McKinsey recently shared the top technology trends for the current year. The trend included industrializing ML and applied Artificial Intelligence as 2 of the fourteen top technology trends for the year.

According to the company, the study added deeper analysis and new data. It examined measurable quantitative contributors like news coverage, research work, and investment to assess the impetus of every trend.

Applied Artificial Intelligence is on the top of this list with innovation and maturity

McKinsey considered applied Artificial Intelligence based on mature and proven technologies on the top of the 14 most popular trends. It topped the trends based on innovation measures, investment, and interest with applications in a larger number of sectors.

The report for 2022 also mentioned that technology sectors are the leaders in embracing AI. On the other hand, service operations and product development have witnessed the maximum merits of applied Artificial Intelligence.

Industrializing Artificial Intelligence is also a top trend in the report

The report also mentioned that industrializing ML (machine learning) includes developing interoperable technical tools to automate machine learning to ensure that businesses appreciate its complete potential. According to the report, McKinsey hopes that the industrialization of Machine Learning will enable more organizations to embrace Artificial Intelligence for an increasing number of apps.


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