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Math lessons and brain training are now available on Duolingo.

Elements of Duolingo Math

So, what this app is all about? Duolingo Math comprises two key elements. Its first element is a dynamic math course targeted at kids who are at the elementary school level. Did you use the main app before? Then, you would understand that it offers brief gamified math lessons. The product aims to assist you in enhancing your everyday thinking and math skills.

However, that is not all. The company is also ready to incorporate another language course. And, it is for Zulu now. In South Africa, Zulu is the most popular first language people converse. Duolingo mentioned that they introduced the Zulu course to improve cultural awareness of engendered and lesser-studied languages.

Duolingo is also set to redesign the Duolingo ABC app. It is the platform for making children literate. Some of the companies redesigning other apps had attracted controversies in the past. So, it will be interesting to know how the new app will go down.

The company also intends to redesign its Duolingo ABC. It is a literacy app targeted at children. The company will also incorporate some details on the new social features and Friends Quest is one of them. It has the vision to help users have fun while pursuing their goals for language learning.

The Duolingo app is more similar to a video game than a language learning platform. It’s very interactive and designed to give quick visual satisfaction for giving correct answers. It can only make math more interesting and fun for the children.


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