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Malaysia Airlines Reveals What To Expect Its New Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft: Aviation News.

Last month, Malaysia Airlines unveiled the first Boeing 737 MAX 8 from their long-anticipated fleet, emerging from the painting facility. The national airline of Malaysia originally made a purchase for this model in 2016, and the inaugural aircraft is scheduled for delivery in the current month. In preparation for this significant event, Simple Flying conducted an interview with the airline’s leadership to gain insights into what can be anticipated from this aircraft.

The time has come.

The first aircraft to enter the airline’s fleet will have the registration 9M-MVA. It has an eye-catching new livery that marks the beginning of a new chapter for the operator.

Over the past week, the unit has been undergoing test flights at Boeing Field in Seattle in preparation for an impending delivery. The aeroplane will carry 174 passengers in its 162 economy seats and 12 business seats upon arrival.

The MAX 8s will operate on flights throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Although they will predominantly carry domestic and Asia-Pacific passengers, many international passengers who are connecting through Kuala Lumpur will also board the aircraft.

Word from the airline
Daniel Bainbridge, regional manager for Malaysia Airlines in the UK, is delighted about the arrival as a result. He mentioned that the 737 MAX represents a big investment from the airline and that it is a great moment to be receiving new aircraft.

They are on specific routes, but not to the extent that we are externally promoting those routes. However, during the following few years, we anticipate that the fleet will grow.

Connection is key.
The new cabin’s central feature is in-flight connectivity. The WiFi service will make use of Ka-band inflight connectivity from Viasat. After launch, the Viasat-3 APAC satellite will also be a part of this.

Until the end of the year, business class passengers can enjoy free WiFi, while other passengers can pay to join MHconnect and take advantage of the MHstudio entertainment package, which provides more than 500 on-demand alternatives.

Regarding the onboard amenities, Bainbridge stated:

“The connectivity on board, in terms of WiFi and streaming inflight entertainment, is one of the improvements with the MAX aircraft. Therefore, seatback televisions won’t be available. The customers’ own gadgets will be able to stream. About that, we’re quite excited. It’s wonderful for consumers to be able to utilise such a modern aircraft on the routes they will travel. Malaysia Airlines has 42 737-800s on hand already. In the midst of efficiency and sustainability objectives, the MAXs will aid in keeping the short-haul business fresh. By 2026, the delivery run of 25 should be over. The operator’s narrowbody fleet will then have a fresh new look.

What do you think about Malaysia Airlines ordering a Boeing 737 MAX? What do you think of the fleet of the carrier’s aircraft’s overall prospects? Comment below and let us know what you think of the plane’s potential.


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