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Loyal Users Can Now Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 Point Release After a Gripe-Inducing Delay.

Canonical creates Ubuntu, the Linux distribution. They have announced that the 22.04.1 point release is now available. This allows the existing users to upgrade their system with the help of a utility that is built-in.

On Twitter, the official account of Ubuntu had good news for users who wanted their system to be upgraded. Through a Twitter post, which included a video tour of the new interface, Ubuntu made its announcement.

The New Ubuntu Release

It’s usually been seen that a point release from Ubuntu comes many months after there has been a release that was major. This point release comes after Jammy Jellyfish, also known as Ubuntu 22.04, was released in April of 2022.

This point release comes following a delay. The delay was so that a few bugs found at the last minute could be fixed. Ubuntu also only allows its users to make their upgrades using their upgrade tool. This can be done after the first of the point releases. However, if a user feels impatient, they can just download a picture earlier.

The new Ubuntu version comes with a 5.17 Linux kernel, on devices that are certified. On other devices, it’s a 5.15. Users can also enjoy a customized version of their GNOME 42 desktop. This comes with a dark mode that has been enhanced as well as new applications.

It also comes with the Wayland system of display, by default. For hardware that is unsupported, the X11 display can be used instead.


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