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Little Known Facts about Telecom That Will Surely Blow You.

Telecom is an essential component of daily life since it gives us access to people and information around the globe. But this sector encompasses far more than just texting and phone conversations.

This blog will examine several surprising but little-known telecom-related facts.

  • Motorola engineer Martin Cooper made the initial mobile phone call in 1973. Cooper called from a Motorola DynaTAC phone to Bell Labs, a competing business.
  • The Greek terms “tele,” which means “far away,” and “communicate,” which means “to share,” are the roots of the English word “telecommunication.”
  • The first text message was transmitted by a British engineer named Neil Papworth in 1992. “Happy Christmas” was all written in the message, transmitted from a computer to a phone.
  • In April 2019, South Korea launched the world’s first 5G network. This new network promises substantially lower latency and much quicker internet rates.
  • The record-breaking call was 43 hours and 30 minutes long. It was created in 2012 by two Nepalese men who wanted to break the previous record.
  • Using the Telstar satellite, the first satellite phone call was made in 1962. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan of the United Kingdom and President John F. Kennedy of the United States spoke on the phone.
  • AT&T presented the first video call demonstration to the public at the 1964 New York City World’s Fair.
  • Motorola introduced the first mobile phone for use in commerce in 1983. It was over 2.5 pounds in weight and went by the name Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.
  • VocalTec, a piece of software, was used in 1995 to place the first internet-based phone call. The call was placed between two computers and was transmitted via the internet.

Telecom has gone a long way since its inception and keeps progressing and innovating daily. These little-known facts provide us with an insight into the intriguing history of this sector, from the first phone call to the first text message to the first smartphone. It’s interesting to consider what new telecom breakthroughs are on the horizon as we advance into a more connected society.


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