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Linux 5.19 Kernel with Significant Apple Silicon Support Upgrade is announced.

Linux Torvalds recently announced that the latest version of the Linux kernel – 5.19. The way he announced it, however, might have ended up upstaging the actual release. He used a MacBook Air that was running his Asahi Linux, to make the announcement.

There are various improvements that are under-the-hood, that the new release brings. Support has been provided for Loongson as well as the Secured Nesting Feature from AMD.

Linus Torvalds And Macs

The new kernel has been packed with features that are new, as well as fixes for bugs. However, how Torvalds announced this new release is what has captured people’s attention.

Through a message, Torvalds revealed that this was actually his third time on a Mac. The first time was when he used a machine that was PowerPC based. The next was when he used a MacBook Air.

Linus Torvalds also revealed that he has been using his laptop not for serious work, but rather for test boots as well as builds. He also used it for release tagging. What he intends to use the laptop for mostly, is travel purposes.

Linux has been using Intel software since late 1991. Linux provided a system that was like Unix, which ran on cheap Intel chips. This proved to be irresistible to many programmers the world over. They contributed to changes through the internet.

And it was this vast collaboration that allowed the kernel to find use in processor architectures that are very different.


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