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LinkedIn’s latest feature lets you schedule posts for later.

LinkedIn has launched an update that lets users set up posts for posting later. It appears that the Microsoft-owned social network has been testing its newly-released feature within its internal systems for a few months, as per an online report in August by the web developer and app researcher Nima Owji. But LinkedIn is now preparing for launch as per the increasing number of news stories on social media.

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, and well-known tipster has confirmed that he is experiencing the feature of scheduling posts within the Android application and the LinkedIn website.  If you do use that feature can see a small clock icon alongside the “post ” button within the message compose box.

If users click the clock, they are offered the option to select a date and time slot for the half-hourly period for the time they’d like to schedule their article.

Marketers are thrilled
Although millions of marketers, influencers, and “thought leaders” worldwide will surely be thrilled over this new feature, it’s important to note that this functionality was accessible for a while via third-party platforms like Hootsuite as well as Buffer. But not all users are satisfied with giving third parties access to LinkedIn accounts for data privacy reasons. In addition, native capabilities are nearly always better for those who want to post a particular article for their LinkedIn followers.

Native scheduling for posts has been absent on such an extremely popular social network like LinkedIn, which boasts more than 875 million members worldwide. However, some social networks like Twitter ( via TweetDeck) and Facebook offer to schedule for some time, and email applications like Gmail, permit users to send messages even when they’re sleeping.

This is undoubtedly a piece of exciting news for all LinkedIn members. Please comment to let us know what you think about this new feature.


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