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LG & Meta Join Forces for Next-Gen XR Tech Development.

On Wednesday, LG and Meta launched a strategic partnership centred around XR technology and devices. In the past, Meta has introduced its Meta Quest mixed reality and virtual reality (VR) headgear, which can provide experiences in both AR and VR. In the meantime, LG established the XR business unit inside the Home Entertainment division with the goal of developing products that can support mixed reality by the end of 2023. The announcement coincides with a story that the CEOs of the two businesses were going to meet to talk about developing a new mixed reality headgear, which the Facebook parent company may present in 2025.

The collaboration was revealed on Wednesday in a prepared statement by the South Korean company. “LG believes that a unique ecosystem may be created in the XR domain, one of the company’s new business sectors, by combining Meta’s platform with its own content and service capabilities from its TV business. Furthermore, there will be major synergies in the creation of next-generation XR devices thanks to the combination of LG’s cutting-edge product and quality skills with Meta’s broad core technological features.

Additionally, according to the release, Park Hyoung-sei, President of Home Entertainment at LG Electronics, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, met in the LG Twin Towers in Yeouido, Seoul, with William Cho, CEO of LG Electronics. The two sides talked about commercial plans and factors to take into account when developing next-generation XR devices. The LG executives also demonstrated their interest in the company’s large language model (LLM) stack and on-device AI integration by testing out the Meta Quest 3 headset and Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses.

LG is expected to increase the efficiency of its hardware and product development, while Meta assists with the integration of fundamental technologies. According to a source, the two tech behemoths have been collaborating on the Meta Quest Pro 2 headset for a while; the device may be released in 2025. It is unknown at this time what the specifics of the agreement entail, including if the two businesses will jointly develop gadgets under their own brand or just lend each other their skills to develop independent goods.

Zuckerberg arrived in South Korea on Tuesday while on a tour of Asia, according to a report by Reuters. It is anticipated that he will meet President Yoon Suk Yeol and other prominent figures in the IT industry while he is there. It is said that this is his first known trip to the nation in ten years. As part of this journey, he is also anticipated to visit Japan and India.


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