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Less than 60-second Instagram Stories are no longer segmented into clips.

Instagram has been experimenting with updates centered on videos for some time now. As the latest development, the social media platform just announced that Stories running up to a minute will no longer be fragmented into distinct parts. This is an exciting time for users everywhere who have been wishing for an increased duration for the Story feature for many years. The update has been in the works for some time now and a trial run conducted earlier saw them targeting specific users to observe the response to this upgrade. They are now officially going to introduce this to profiles around the world after finalizing the details.

An Instagram representative said that their quest for enhancing the Story feature never stops and they are always listening to feedback from their audience. This is how this update was also implemented, with an aim to boost the relationship of the audience with the platform. Over the last couple of years, Insta’s Story and Reel features have taken the world by storm, marking the platform’s complete transformation from a photo-oriented platform to a video-centric one. The app has admittedly been making refinements to keep up with competition from viral TikTokers who have taken the other popular video-centered app of our times to new heights.

The latest option to post a minute-long Story without disruption is being hailed as a step in the right direction by netizens. Some of them are however wondering if Instagram isn’t doing anything novel with this as there will be no distinguishing factor between a Story and a Reel of the same length anymore.


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