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Learn How to sync a PS5 controller.

The new DualSense controller is one of the Playstation 5’s many upgrades over the PS4 in terms of visual appeal. It’s one of our favorite PS5 controllers, even though it’s the default choice. But your DualSense controller will occasionally lose connection with your console, just like it does with any other wireless controller.

Knowing how to sync your PS5 controller is crucial while configuring your PS5 for the first time or troubleshooting controller issues. Here’s a quick guide on how to connect a PS5 controller to your system.

How to connect a DualSense controller to a PS5
A USB-C charging cord and one DualSense controller are included with the PS5 right out of the box. Turn on your PS5 and insert the regular USB end of your charging cord into either the front or rear of the console to sync the DualSense controller. The smaller USB-C end of the cable should be inserted into the DualSense controller’s top. Next, push the PS button on the controller next to the speaker on the DualSense’s face.

If everything went according to plan, the controller should flicker briefly before lighting up on the front to show that it has been powered on. The controller’s lights will eventually turn blue, indicating that it has successfully synchronized with the system. You can now use your DualSense wirelessly by unplugging the cord. Remember that you will need to use that cable—or a charging dock—to occasionally refuel your DualSense controller. Additionally, keep in mind that the PS5 controller’s firmware may need to be updated; if this is the case, the system will advise you to do so.

Adding more controllers to your PS5 for syncing

Suppose you want to play local multiplayer games on the PS5, which can simultaneously support up to four DualSense controllers. In that case, you’ll need to learn how to sync additional controllers to your new system. Although using a USB-C cable, as detailed above, is an option, there is a more straightforward method. Instead, you may wirelessly synchronize additional controllers once you’ve paired one DualSense with your PS5. Make sure your extra controllers are off before doing this. Holding the PS button for a few seconds will turn the device off if the controller’s light is on, indicating it is on.

Navigate to Settings > Accessories > General > Bluetooth Accessories using the controller that has already been paired. At this stage, simultaneously press and hold the PS button and the Create button on the extra controller (the button located above the d-pad on the left). The device will eventually appear as an accessory found; once it does, use the first DualSense controller to select it to finish the synchronization procedure. Once you have verified that the second controller is successfully paired, you are ready to go. Repeat this procedure with your other PS5 controllers (up to four total).


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