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Learn How to replace your AirTag battery.

Apple’s AirTags are the industry standard for tracking gadgets. They work smoothly with the iOS ecosystem, look surprisingly stylish for such a practical device, and can be used to locate anything from keys and baggage to pets and bags.

Your AirTag should only ever require a battery replacement as maintenance. Here’s a quick guide on changing an AirTag battery if you need assistance.

Check to see whether your AirTag battery needs to be changed.

Check to see if your AirTag’s battery is genuinely low before you start fiddling with it. You should receive a notification on your smartphone’s lock screen telling you to change your battery because Apple built the tracker to transmit a notification when it needs to automatically. Here’s what you need to do if you don’t see that (or want to check the status of your battery).

Step 1: Open the Find My mobile app.

Step 2: Pick the Items menu item.

Step 3: Decide which AirTag you want to examine.

Step 4: Once there, you’ll notice an icon showing the amount of battery life left in your device.

How to change the battery in an AirTag

Here’s how to open the AirTag’s back side and install a new battery once you’ve determined it requires one.

Step 1: Firmly press down on the stainless steel portion of your AirTag and turn it anticlockwise while holding the lid firmly in place. Most individuals find it most comfortable to hold the AirTag in both hands while applying pressure and twisting with their thumbs.

Step 2: Remove the AirTag’s lid. If it doesn’t, check to ensure there isn’t any debris around the edges. To carefully pull it off, you can alternatively use a thin tool.

Step 3: Take out the CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery and replace it with a fresh one, being sure to place the negative side downward. When done correctly, a chime will signal that the battery is connected.

Step 4: Replace the cover, ensuring the three alignment tabs are lined up properly over the AirTag base’s slots. To secure the lid, turn anticlockwise.

CR2032 batteries with bitter coatings should be avoided.

Many CR2032 batteries have a bitter coating to stop kids from unintentionally eating them when they put them in their mouths. However, because the coating may prevent a proper connection, the Apple AirTag won’t function with all these products. As a result, you’ll either need to stay away from batteries that have these coatings ultimately or scrape them off with an alcohol wipe.


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