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Learn How to Replace a Broken Refrigerator Door Handle.

A refrigerator’s door handle is a core part since it makes opening and closing the door simple. But wear and strain could cause the handle to loosen or break as time passes. You may need a new handle to keep your refrigerator operating properly in such circumstances.

Changing a refrigerator door handle may seem difficult, but it can be a quick and easy DIY project with the correct equipment and instructions.

The procedures to replace a damaged refrigerator door handle are as follows:

Finding a replacement handle that fits the make and model of your refrigerator is the first step in replacing a broken refrigerator door handle. The manufacturer or a different source can be contacted to order the replacement handle.

Find the screws holding the broken handle in place, and then remove them to remove the handle. Often, these screws are found on the inside of the door. After removing the screws using a screwdriver, remove the door handle.

Install the New Handle:

  1. Place the New Handle over the Door’s Screw Holes.
  2. Using a screwdriver, insert the screws and tighten them.
  3. Ensure that the handle is firmly fixed and isn’t moving at all.

Once the new handle has been placed, test it by opening and closing the refrigerator door. Make sure the handle is secure and easy to hold.

If the handle is built into the door or cannot be removed, you might need to replace the entire door in some circumstances. If so, you should review the manufacturer’s instructions or contact a qualified technician who can assist you in replacing the door.

In conclusion, changing a damaged refrigerator door handle is a quick and easy. A new handle, a screwdriver, and a few minutes of your time are all you need. You can quickly repair a damaged handle and maintain your fridge generally by following the instructions.


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