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Learn How to Clean and Maintain your Microwave.

You can swiftly heat and cook meals in the kitchen with the help of a microwave. Yet with time, it can also gather scents, spills, and grease that can degrade its efficiency or cause it to malfunction. As a result, it’s critical to routinely clean and maintain your microwave to keep it operating correctly. 

Here are some pointers for maintaining and cleaning your microwave:

Clean the Outside

Dust, filth, and fingerprints can gather outside your microwave, giving it a drab and dirty appearance. Simply use a moist cloth or sponge and a little detergent to clean the exterior. Avoid using scouring pads or harsh cleaners since they can scratch the surface.

Clean the Interior

Food spills and splatters can cause the interior of your microwave to become greasy and unclean. Fill a bowl used in a microwave with water and a few drops of vinegar or dish soap to clean the interior. The bowl should be heated in the microwave for a few minutes or until the water boils and steam is produced. To let the steam dislodge the grime and grease, leave the bowl in the microwave for a few more minutes.  After that, take out the bowl and clean the inside with a fresh towel or sponge.

Remove Odors

Simply heat a bowl of the deodorizer in the microwave for a few minutes to eliminate the stink.

Examine the Turntable

Food cooks more evenly on the turntable, a revolving platter within the microwave. Ensure sure the turntable spins easily and is clean. Remove it if it is dirty or shaky, and wash it in warm, soapy water.

Check the Door Seal

While the microwave operates, the rubber gasket surrounding the door forms an airtight seal. A filthy door seal can impact the performance of the microwave, so make sure it is clean and clear of debris. You might need to replace the seal if it has been harmed or worn out.

You can keep your microwave clean and working correctly for many years by following these easy instructions. Maintaining your microwave can increase its lifespan and guarantee that your food is securely and uniformly cooked.


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