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Lavish iPhone 15: Everything you need to know about the new iPhones. Technostation

The iPhone 15 series is officially available. The basic iPhone 15 and 15 Plus now include the Dynamic Island, and Apple has increased the main camera on all of its new iPhones to 48 megapixels. The more costly iPhones have several unique features that are worth mentioning, so that doesn’t mean the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are left behind.

Design and display

All of the most recent iPhones have outstanding OLED displays, but the Pro models have the nicest ones. Large OLED panels with the Dynamic Island at the top are included on both the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. The front camera and sensors are located here, along with a location for app data and live activities. Because of the 120 Hz refresh rate of these panels, everything is smoother.

The display on the iPhone 15 Pro is 6.1 inches, while the one on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is 6.7 inches. The phones may not initially appear to be any different because these dimensions are the same as last year. But if you pay closer attention, you can see that the phones’ edges are a little bit softer.

Instead of stainless steel, titanium is now used to make these iPhones. Apple highlights the material’s strength, durability, and light weight. Also new is the brushed finish. Apple improved the repairability of these phones for the first. The reviewers are still debating how repairable it is, but any progress is welcome.

A17 Pro

Apple is adding its SoCs to the Pro brand. The newest iPhone chip from Apple, the A17 Pro, claims performance improvements over the A16 Bionic from a year ago (found in the iPhone 14 Pro and regular iPhone 15). It has 19 billion transistors, a 3nm chip that is a first for the industry, two high-performance and four high-efficiency CPU cores, a 16-core neural engine, and six “pro-class” GPU cores. The hardware-based ray tracing feature, which allows for a more accurate representation of lightning conditions in games, is available for the first time on this iPhone.


The three-camera setup on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max is what we’ve come to expect. However, Apple replaced the conventional “telephoto” camera with a periscope camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year, which boasts 5x zoom capabilities at a 120mm focal length with an f/2.8 aperture. In contrast, the telephoto camera on the 15 Pro has a 3x zoom and a 77mm focal length. Additionally, the camera now has a better stabiliser that lessens camera shake while using a long lens length.

The cameras are similar to last year’s 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max cameras, save for this significant adjustment. Despite having a larger sensor than last year, the primary camera is still a 48MP shooter with a 24mm focal length and an f/1.78 aperture. Actually, you may now use the main camera’s three different focal lengths—24mm, 28mm, and 35mm. The Ultra Wide has a macro aperture of /2.2 and shoots at 13mm. Apple refers to it as “seven lenses in your pocket” when all the cameras and lenses are considered.

The updated portraits on the entire iPhone 15 line, which should provide enhanced colours and greater bokeh, are another feature that the company is promoting. You don’t need to switch to portrait mode to take a portrait; iOS will automatically capture the details required. The Camera app now provides focus and depth adjustment, previously available only in professional camera programmes.

You may now record “Spatial Video,” a form of 3D footage that you can view with the future Apple Vision Pro, on the video side. Also unique about this iPhone is that it supports the “Academy Colour Encoding System.”

Action button
This iPhone, which has been widely rumoured for the past year, will be the first to replace the traditional mute switch with a new “Action button.” The Action button has a number of applications, including the ability to make a voice memo, bring up the camera, toggle a shortcut, and more. It can still be used as a mute switch by pressing and holding the button.


With all the iPhone 15 versions this year, Apple’s adoption of USB-C is the big news. The port you probably find on most of your modern technology has finally replaced the Lightning port that Apple has been using since 2012.

Apple did not include USB-C in its iPhones because it believed the time had come; rather, the EU compelled the business to do so through new law.

All iPhone 15 models now include USB-C ports, although the Pro iPhones have greater speeds and can support USB 3 speeds of up to 10 Gbps.


Wi-Fi 6E, a more advanced standard than Wi-Fi 6, is now included with the Pros. The new technology makes it possible to have higher bandwidth, faster speeds, and lower latency. Additionally, it includes a new ultra-wideband chip that makes it simpler to locate devices and friends via the Find My Friends app.

Apple is enhancing Emergency SOS to allow users to text for roadside assistance whenever they need it. These satellite functions are provided for free for two years when you purchase an iPhone 15 handset. (At this time, there is no pricing information.)

Price and availability

With a starting price of $999 for 128GB of storage, the iPhone 15 Pro maintains the regular “Pro” price, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max raises the starting price by $100. For 256GB of storage, the 15 Pro Max is currently priced at $1,199.

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are available for preorder starting at 5 a.m. PDT on Friday, September 15, and they will be delivered starting on Friday, September 22.


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