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Latest Threads update adds a ‘follows’ tab, but it doesn’t work as it shows.

Threads is adding a new “follows” tab, but it will not be a feed of posts from people you follow. Instead, the tab will only show a list of users who have recently followed you.

This change isn’t all that significant; it only makes it simpler to identify your new followers in Threads, which previously featured your recent followers under its “all” category on the activity page. Additionally, there are two more filters for “quotes” and “reposts,” which enable you to sort recent activity by the person who re-posted or quoted your thread.

Furthermore, Threads is introducing translations, which could be helpful if you follow people from other nations. Roth claims that the function will show up at the bottom of a post, next to the like, respond, repost, and share buttons, even though I haven’t yet seen it myself.

The ability to receive notifications from users you don’t follow, enhancements to the scrolling of the activity feed, and the choice to follow users from a post’s responses area are further minor changes. According to Roth, you might need to restart your app or wait until the end of the day if you don’t observe these changes right away. However, it’s still unclear when these updates will be implemented on Android.

A follow-only feed should be available soon. I’m starting to grow tired of scrolling through all the postings from influencers, famous people, and brands that I don’t want to keep up with, so that would make the app a lot more enjoyable to use.


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