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Last total lunar eclipse until 2025 rises on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

It’s the last chance to see a total moon eclipse. NASA has announced that the eclipse, which will last until March 2025, starts at the beginning of the morning or evening of the 8th of November in North America.

A portion comprising Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South America can be seen. This partial eclipse is scheduled to begin at 4:09 AM Eastern. The total eclipse will last between 4:16 AM and 5:42 AM. The final partial episode will end at 6:49 AM. Those living on the eastern US coast will miss a portion or all of that last portion when it gets dark. However, you may not need to go outside in the cold weather. There are options to enjoy the show from the comfort of your home.

Livestreams will be accessible. Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, will provide several views of the lunar eclipse beginning at 4 AM Eastern. will also have streams in multiple cities, including its views from Roswell, New Mexico, and streaming from San Diego and Perth in Australia. In addition, the Virtual Telescope Project will also offer worldwide coverage.

Even if 2025 isn’t that far away, you’ll want to take an eye. Complete lunar eclipses get the “Blood Moon” nickname due to the optical tricks used to paint the lunar surface with a striking red. When blue light of short wavelengths is more likely to be caught by the Earth’s atmosphere’s particles, longer wavelengths of orange, red, and yellow assist in completing the journey across space. It’s a amazing effect that you can witness through your eyes. And when you’re using an telescope, you might even see Uranus in the distance.

The lunar eclipses will occur partially, and the Penumbral moon eclipses in the period. The first eclipse visible in America will appear on the 28th of October, 2023. Other eclipses will occur on the 25th of March and September 18th of next year. So there’s no reason to be completely out of luck, even though those events are less captivating.


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