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Lack of Charging Infrastructure Pushes Shoppers Back to Hybrids.

Hybrid car sales this year will surpass those of the pre-Tesla EV market, which was long believed to be extinct.

2024 has begun with declining sales of battery-powered vehicles, following a sharp decline in demand for electric vehicles in the second part of the previous year. According to JD Power, fewer buyers are thinking about electric cars (EVs) for their next automobile, with the primary deterrent being a lack of access to infrastructure for charging EVs.

Here’s where hybrids are coming into their own. There is growing interest in these cars, which are available as plug-in models or as hybrids that require no external charging, as a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers becomes more pragmatic.

In February, sales figures for brands that have shifted toward hybrid vehicles were better. For instance, Toyota reported an 84% rise in sales of EVs and hybrids. The Japanese carmaker has faced criticism in the past for its pledge to expand its array of hybrid vehicles, despite the fact that it now only offers one electric vehicle for sale in the US.

However, Toyota in particular has had success recently in its risk of putting EVs on the back burner.

Following the company’s sales figures announcement last week, David Christ, the sales leader for Toyota Motor North America, told Automotive News, “Hybrids are just rockin’.”

One of the hybrid vehicles that is more common on dealer lots is the SUV Toyota RAV4. Both gas-powered and hybrid engine options are available for the SUV; however, Christ informed Automotive News that the hybrid RAV4 is currently in low supply.

Due in large part to the increased demand for hybrid cars among American brands, Ford saw a 31.5% increase in hybrid sales.

These early 2024 results are encouraging for businesses like Ford and Toyota, which gambled on hybrids while rivals focused more on electric vehicles.

Freedom of choice is a top priority at this stage of the switch to electric vehicles, according to Jim Baumbick of Ford, vice president of product development operations and quality, who spoke with Business Insider.

“What excites us is bringing new customers to the brand,” he said, regardless of whether a client leaves in an electric vehicle or a hybrid.


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