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Italian Watchdog Investigates OpenAI’s “Sora” Video Tool Over Data Privacy.

The Italian data protection agency is investigating OpenAI more closely due to worries that the company’s new AI video production system may handle sensitive information about individuals.

The Italian authority, which is already looking into potential data violations by the tech company’s ChatGPT product, has been aware of OpenAI for the second time.

The Italian regulator has now put more pressure on OpenAI, stating in a statement on Friday that it has asked the company for 20 days to provide details on its new AI service, named Sora, which can swiftly produce videos up to one minute in length.

Italy’s data privacy watchdog is scrutinizing OpenAI’s “Sora” video creation tool due to concerns about user data. They’re investigating how Sora might handle personal information within the EU, specifically Italy. Additionally, they’re looking into whether Sora is already publicly available or if it’s planned for an EU release.

Based in San Francisco, Microsoft supports OpenAI. Both Microsoft and Alphabet’s Google have been using AI to improve their businesses.

After first postponing the release due to leadership turmoil last year, OpenAI launched an online shop last month where users may share customised versions of the company’s well-known ChatGPT chatbot. The new shop, which was made available to ChatGPT subscribers on Wednesday, will organise the chatbots that users build for a range of purposes. For instance, users may build ChatGPT versions that can teach kids math or develop vibrant cocktail recipes. Users’ selected chatbots to be shared publicly will be available in the product, dubbed the GPT Store. At some point, it will provide options for users to monetize their works, much like those seen in Alphabet’s Google or Apple app stores.

OpenAI stated in a blog post that 3 million bespoke chatbots had been created so far; however, it was unclear how many of those chatbots were initially accessible through the company’s marketplace.

The store’s debut coincides with OpenAI’s efforts to expand its service ecosystem and identify new income streams. In August, OpenAI initially released a business version of ChatGPT that included new functionality and privacy protections.


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