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Is the $100 Leviathan V2 X PC Soundbar from Razer Worth It?

Razer has always been associated with stylish gaming accessories. While it generally launches gaming headsets, the company is selling a soundbar now. It is known as the Leviathan V2 X PC Soundbar and features its signature logo and RGB additions, among others.

According to Bleeding Cool, the company has introduced a fresh audio device, which PC players can use. As the name indicates, this new gadget is a soundbar with a focus on offering an improved gaming experience to its users through sound.

This particular soundbar sports a compact design without compromising audio capabilities. The images that were released indicate that the design of this audio device is such that it can be fitted under many PC monitors. The device measures only 400 mm.

Soundbar priced at 100 USD at official stores and company site

The good news is that the new gadget will cost only 100 USD if you purchase it from Razer’s company portal or official stores. Users will also have to pay the same price if they buy the product from Razer devices’ authorized retailers.

To power this soundbar, users may use a C cable of the USB Type though it also has lightning. The lighting will help users to signal it with other solutions of the company, such as the Chroma RGB app from Razer.

Facilitates a clutter-free desktop

Gamers can enjoy various benefits from a compact personal computer gaming soundbar. The new device is tipped to feature 2 full-range drivers and 2 passive radiators.

Additionally, the soundbar can deliver bold clarity and resonate depth to meet the entertainment requirements of gamers. It will reportedly give a clutter-free desktop.


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