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Is Quest 3 better? Zuckerberg critiques Apple’s Vision Pro.

Over the weekend, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took aim at Apple’s Vision Pro headset, saying that the social networking company’s Quest 3 was a better device. The CEO and co-founder of Meta was reacting to a Threads post by an analyst who claimed that the Vision Pro was up to five years ahead of Meta’s offering. Zuckerberg has slammed Apple’s initial mixed-reality headset twice now. The Quest 3 costs $499, while the original headgear costs $3,499.

Apple’s Vision Pro is “pretty much the device Meta wants to reach in 3-5 years,” according to analyst Benedict Evans, who also said he was “genuinely baffled” by Meta’s VR engineers’ claim that the headset is “basically just the same thing” as the Quest 3. Evans said that Apple would want to offer its products at the same pricing as the Quest 3 in the same time frame, whereas Meta would like to sell the Apple Vision Pro in three to five years.

In response to the analyst’s post, Zuckerberg claimed that Quest 3 outperformed Vision Pro. “We’ll have regressed significantly if our devices weigh as much as theirs in three to five years, or if theirs have motion blur, or if there aren’t precise inputs, etc.,” the CEO of Meta said.

Later, Evans proposed that the Vision Pro’s better resolution may enable the firm to provide products outside of gaming devices. In response, Zuckerberg said that three of the top seven applications for the Quest 3 were social apps: Horizon, VR Chat, and Rec Room. The resolution of the quest, he added, was “also quite good,” emphasising that motion blur and ergonomics shouldn’t be sacrificed for a greater resolution.

Both the Meta Quest 3 and the Apple Vision Pro have pancake lenses; according to Apple, the Vision Pro has a resolution of 2,160×3,840 pixels with a total of 23 million pixels, while the Quest 3 features LCD screens with a resolution of 2,064×2,208 pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz. While Meta’s headgear provides both hand tracking and the Touch Plus controllers from the business, the latter also supports both eye and hand tracking. The weight of the Vision Pro is up to 650g and the Quest 3 is 513g.


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