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iPhone 15 Pro might get a solid titanium frame, thinner bezels, and a price hike.

This year’s iPhone 15 Pro lineup is anticipated to undergo some significant modifications, but they may also be accompanied by a price increase. Reporter Mark Gurman of Bloomberg validated a few rumours that have been circulating all year about what to anticipate when the newest iPhone lineup is shown in a little more than a month.

According to Gurman, the new Pro models will both have titanium frames in place of stainless steel, making them both stronger and lighter. Thanks to a new display technology, their screens will also have smaller bezels, which will reduce the size of the black border by about a third. (Previous leaks illustrate what that might look like.) Additionally, as previously reported, anticipate that the Lightning port will give way to USB-C and that the mute switch will be replaced by a programmable button.

But there might be a cost to all of that. Gurman said he “wouldn’t rule out” a price hike in the US as well as an increase in prices abroad. That comes after reports this week and an analyst note suggested that costs for the Max model could increase by as much as $200.

Gurman adds two further significant enhancements for Apple products this year. The Dynamic Island is anticipated to replace the notch on the regular iPhone model, bringing it closer to parity with the Pro models. (Previous rumours suggested it would be limited to a 60Hz refresh rate rather than the 120Hz of the Pros and nearly all Android phones of a similar price.) According to Gurman, the S9, the upcoming Apple Watch processor, will have a “fairly sizable performance bump,” which will be the first discernible speed increase since 2020.

In the middle of September, Apple often releases new iPhones and Apple Watches. The Samsung folding and flipping phone lineup, which was just upgraded this week, will be their competition.


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