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Intel to launch several initiatives focusing on AI.

Intel has been gaining popularity with the teenage population of India for the various projects they have launched in the educational sector over the last couple of years. The tech company is a trailblazer who is pioneering A.I.-backed projects and bringing it close to the common man, irrespective of age. Their focus however has always been on enlightening the minds of children and inspiring them toward the path of technological excellence.

In their newest venture, they will be prioritizing two projects, one for high school graduating kids and another for female employees in the smaller-scale and middle-scale industries. The former does not need any previous history with A.I. though it deals with the tech-specific subject matter. The latter is aimed more at accomplishing business goals with the help of futuristic technologies. The project will take the form of virtual webinars and transmit lectures on the important topics delivered by Intel’s tech professionals. It would run for a quarter of a year while emphasizing matters like practical use, threats, risks, and helpful trends for budding innovators and entrepreneurs.

Intel’s visionary ventures are laudable as they will be empowering thousands of citizens to make the jump from conventional and outdated models of business to more efficient and speedier possibilities. They have a long history of sensitizing people from all walks of life toward the boundless advantages of A.I. They gained momentum with the older population during the pandemic by green-lighting several projects that spotlighted the introduction to futuristic tech. It brought many people closer to understanding the basics of A.I. and helped them understand its use in everyday life.


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