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Instagram’s Schedule Post Feature Will be Available Soon.

Instagram is testing a brand new function yet. A spokesperson from Meta, the company behind Instagram, has confirmed to Mashable this week that the company is “testing the capability to schedule content with a portion of our global audience.”

In this post, we’ll discuss scheduling posts on Instagram with the top Instagram schedulers for the business creator and personal accounts. Understanding how to program Instagram posts ahead of time is the best method of reducing time spent on the platform, so you can concentrate on what is important.

The more complicated your Instagram marketing strategies become, the more beneficial an app for scheduling will be. This is the case regardless of whether you run a small-sized business or have a team of a global size. Quality content that is consistent simpler to plan and produce when you automate a portion of the tedious tasks.

It’s worth noting that creators on Instagram can plan their Live videos at least 90 days before their video. But it wasn’t accessible to everyone. The new feature allows users to plan their grid posts over time. Some Instagram customers have begun testing this feature.

As Meta stated, not everybody has the option of scheduling posts using the app as of now — the feature is being evaluated. If you do not have the option, however, you’d like to plan your post for a few days ahead, there are many alternatives to schedule your posts with third-party applications like Planoly, Buffer, and many more.

Please tell us what do you think of Instagram’s new scheduling feature. We would love to hear you in the comments section.


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