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Instagram Testing New Feature That Allows Friends to Add Videos and Photos, to Your Carousel Posts.

With the addition of new features, Instagram has undergone multiple changes in the past few years. Last week, the Meta-owned social media platform tested a special feed that only shows content from verified users. Currently, users can invite their friends to contribute to their feed posts through the app’s collaborative carousel post functionality, which is being tested. With this new feature, your friends will be able to edit your post after it goes live by adding more images or videos.

The Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, stated that the platform was testing the new feature but did not give a release date. He claimed that users would be able to invite others to add to their Instagram carousel postings with this functionality.

Mosseri stated in a Threads post, “You can enable your followers to submit photos and/or videos, which you can approve to add to the post, before posting a carousel.” An ‘Add to post’ button appears in the lower left corner of a carousel post in the screenshot of the test feature that goes with his post. The user’s friends can press the button to add to the post with their contributions. It appears that users can also swipe to the last slide of the carousal, where a larger “Add to Post” prompt appears, allowing them to attach movies or images to the already-posted content.

Remember that if your friends have enabled the functionality, you won’t be able to upload media to their carousel posts. The original poster would also need approval for any uploaded images and videos.

Instagram was testing a special feed that would only display posts from verified users, according to Mosseri’s announcement last week. Currently, users can choose a following feed to only see posts from individuals they follow on Instagram, in addition to the default feed, which is filled with advertisements, reels, and other posts. Additionally, posts from users who have tagged other users as favorites within the app are displayed in the Favorites stream.

It was revealed earlier this month that Meta intended to charge users in the European Union up to EUR 13 a month to use a mobile version of Facebook or Instagram without advertisements. Right now, all users can use Instagram’s ad-supported version for free.

In recent times, Instagram has also come under fire for concerns about security, privacy, and the app’s effect on users’ mental health, particularly that of minors. According to Reuters this week, 33 US states are suing Meta on the grounds that it intentionally misled the public and made its social media platforms, like Instagram, more addictive for children and teenagers. The states said in their lawsuit that studies had shown “depression, anxiety, insomnia, interference with education and daily life, and many other negative outcomes” when kids used Meta’s social media sites.


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