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Instagram Quietly Launches Notes Function Similar to WhatsApp.

Instagram has been testing out a slew of new updates and users are coming online to notice surprising functionalities they were not informed about every month. This time, the platform has released a “Notes” feature which is being met with some entertaining reactions from the audience. People are confused as to what is the real purpose of this update and have resorted to making countless memes and jokes about it on social media.

The feature can be accessed on the Direct Messaging page and stylistically mimics the permanent “statuses” pioneered by WhatsApp and even some old-school messengers back in the day. Here, users can post their text in limited characters which will be seen by their friends and followers on their own messages page for the time limit of one day only. They can also give their replies to it this way. But if you set a new “Note” when the other one has not vanished yet, the newest one will replace the older one. Netizens are all humorously preparing to woo their crushes using this option but it does not seem to serve any other important utility. It houses enough characters to only set a tagline and one user was even seen writing down their receipt for the day.

To access this feature, make sure your update your apps. Some users are bemoaning the fact that Instagram has been launching many features without informing the audience or asking for their feedback about it. Many of them are pushing for user input to be incorporated into these rollouts and wish the new “Notes” functionality came with the option to opt-out of it.


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