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Instagram Now Lets You Create Reels, Posts, and Carousels with Friends: Latest Update.

Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are constantly competing to roll out new features, and as a result, we are now receiving yet another update. The process of creating posts with numerous users is now simpler on Instagram.


The four users can co-create Reels, Posts, or Carousels on the Meta-owned social networking platform thanks to Collabs. A maximum of three individuals can now be invited to collaborate on the creation of such content.
If the invitee is already connected to the sender on the platform, even users with private accounts—where profile display requires friend request approval—can extend co-authoring invitations. The Reel, Post, or Carousel is subsequently disseminated to each contributor’s followers and shown on their individual accounts after being uploaded.

Musical Carousels

Additionally, the app now allows you to add music to carousels, and in the following weeks, more nations will be able to access Instagram’s music collection. Additionally, a new feature called the “Reels Music Chart” is about to go live in Mexico and Brazil thanks to a joint effort between Instagram and Spotify. Spotify customers may now listen to the 50 most-streamed tracks from Instagram Reels thanks to this agreement.

Added an Add Yours’ button

Users may now create interactive Reels with an “Add Yours” sticker instead of just posting content for their followers to passively consume. With the ability for influencers to highlight them, this novel feature enables followers to actively participate in challenges and prompts offered by influencers. If their account is set to public, other Instagram users will be able to see the follower’s Reel once it has been selected.

If you don’t already have these features, they should be accessible on your device soon.


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