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INSTAGRAM IS REPORTEDLY Going Towards Adding a Profile Song: Recalling Myspace time.

Instagram is reportedly preparing to launch a feature that can add songs to your profile.

A prominent leaker and developer, Alessandro Paluzzi, tweeted  which he claims Instagram is currently testing. In a message to Mashable, an Instagram spokesperson said that this feature is an “internal prototype” and that it isn’t being tested outside.

According to Paluzzi, The feature will appear on the profile of your Instagram account at the bottom of your bio under your links area. The creator demonstrated how it works by including Rick Astley’s “Never Will Give You up” in his Instagram profile, which could signal the possibility of the feature being released.
Do you recognize this feature? It’s a MySpace function. In the days when MySpace was at the peak of its popularity between 2005 and 2008, users were able to upload songs on the profile of their MySpace.

Instagram hasn’t yet confirmed the feature; however, Instagram continues to work to allow you to add songs to your account as it is claimed by the above leaker.

The capability to include songs on profiles wasn’t lost when MySpace went out of fashion. The exclusive dating application Raya lets users include songs on their profiles to allow potential matches to look at photos of a dater while the song they like plays.
Because Instagram has not confirmed yet to check this feature externally, there’s no guarantee that Instagram will ever make the feature available to all users. It might never be seen in the public eye. However, this nostalgic teenage hopes that it does.

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