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Instagram is Making Your Feed Better.

People are pining for the old Instagram to be back, and the company seems to have finally realized its mistake. Over the past year, Instagram has changed significantly in terms of what our feeds look like.

Most Instagram users have noticed irrelevant and unwanted posts on their feeds for a long time. Among others, superstar influencer Kylie Jenner complained about the new Instagram and demanded that the old Instagram be back. When Kylie Jenner made similar statements about Snapchat, the company lost around more than $1 billion.

Keeping the changing public sentiments in mind, Instagram has decided to roll out new features that would make your feed more like the way you want it to be. The company has come to the realization that random popups and unwanted content do not do any good to either party. From the creator’s perspective, the rate of engagement is much lower when their content is viewed by a disinterested audience. The users, on the other hand, would always prefer curated content that addresses their interests.

The new features rolled out by Instagram will allow users to batch select multiple posts and declare that they’re Not Interested in such content. Additionally, the platform is piloting a feature that enables users to exclude content suggestions from using specific words, expressions, emoticons, comments, and tags that they have put on a blacklist on their profile.

These new developments may bring back the old glory of Instagram. But it’d still take some time before we get to see how these features turn out.


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